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New 3D Print Robot Hand Launch!!

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

WE are happy to announce that our new 3D print Robot hand (Square Type) Ver.1 are released

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the Square Type Ver.1 3D-printed Robot Hand! This cutting-edge product has been meticulously designed to perfectly complement 1/144 scale robots, ranging from 10cm to 14cm in height. With its exceptional features and versatility, this robot hand is set to revolutionize the world of miniature robotics.

Included in the package are a pair of fists, allowing your robot to exude strength and determination. Additionally, the set features a pair of open hands, enabling dynamic poses and expressive gestures that bring your robot to life. For those epic battles and intense action scenes, we have thoughtfully included a pair of hands specifically designed for securely gripping weapons or swords, ensuring that your robot is ready to conquer any challenge. To cater to a wide range of scenarios, our product also includes a specialized hand for firmly holding guns. *1/144 RGM-79(G) GM Ground type is not included

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