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Xyber Decal is a high quality water slide decal for Sci fi plastic model kits which like Bandai Gundam series and  Kotobukiya Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, Hexa Gear series.


And it was designed in Hong Kong and printed by a well-known decal printer in USA.


With ease to apply, thin layout and little margin of carrier,  modelers can build a eye-catching model with Xyber Decal in a comfort and efficient way.  

How to apply

how to apply-01.png

Clean the model and cut each decal design out of the sheet.

how to apply-02.png

Place the decal design in water for about 10-20 seconds.

how to apply-03.png

Move decal to exact position with fingertip / cotton tip, and push out excess water and air bubbles under decal with cotton tip.

how to apply-04.png

For better effect, apply decal softer or decal setter when the decals dry out.

Alphabet / Symbol Decal

Camouflage Decal

Caution Decal

Line Decal

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